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Serial Killer Suicides

Arrested for drug theft, Letter confessed to some of the killings, insisting that he was trying to relieve suffering.

  • In my personal view, if such people are evaluated by a qualified professional who can reliably exclude the other possibilities for why suicide is desired, these people should be allowed to die at their own hands.

  • Daughter took the rap Who: David Arnold Brown When: March 19, 1985 Where: Garden Grove What: David Brown was out buying comic books — he made sure of that — when his 14-year-old daughter climbed on his bed and shot his wife, Linda, twice in the chest.


Two returned home to report being kidnapped, but the third child remained missing.

  • When she awoke, she accused her husband, U.

  • Now, if you look around long enough I'm sure you can find a religion where everyone goes to a paradise of some kind after death.