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'Jersey Shore' Star Deena Nicole Cortese Embraces Curves In a Bikini, Calls Society 'Ugly'

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Boobs deena cortese Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore cast's changing faces eleven years after show's debut as Snooki & Angelina admit to plastic surgery

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Jersey Shore's Deena Cortese Hottest Swimsuit Photos: Bikini Pics

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Fake 'Jersey Shore' Flasher

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Instead of partying with people, Deena Buckner decided to play with puppies and became a bone-a-fied dog trainer! Like, this is completely normal for these people.

  • Deena was so smitten with him, she decided to do some.

  • I hate people like that.

Fake 'Jersey Shore' Flasher

He bought a blue shower caddy that also can double as a nice weather proof purse to bring with you to the Bingo hall.

  • This walking holiday will surely make things entertaining at the Jersey Shore.

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