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The programme carries the picture of Fred Rist in the 1949 Event on his 500 BSA, believed to be between Ystradfellte, Deganwy & Crai, This SILVER JUBILEE! event began in torrential gales & rain, the event marred by withdrawal of the highly competitive Czech team, rumours & conjecture became rife re whether it was political or marketing product forces which brought this about.   The Czech Trophy team with two Vase teams was not to compete!.  There remained 2 Trophy teams to test Britain, one From Italy on 3 125 MVs, a 250 Moto Guzzi plus a 250 Sertum, plus the Austrians with those powerful split single Puch machines of 125 & 250 capacities.   Britain's 2 Silver Vase team trios however faced seven 'Overseas teams' Austria had 2 250 Puchs plus a 500 BMW, two Italian teams as always mounted on their own country's machines, then a Dutch "B" team on three CZs with their other trio on Ariels & BSAs as were the teams of Sweden & Ireland.   A total of 26 'known' makes were entered predominantly British factory products AJS Ariel BSA DMW Douglas James Matchless Norton Panther Royal Enfield SUN Sunbeam Triumph Velocette Vincent plus H J Harrison's "Rovil" -a 1925 Rover fitted with a Villiers motor, 'foreign' machinery had CZ Jawa Gilera Guzzi Lambretta! Mondial MV Sertum Puch DKW BMW & Zundapp.  Described as being as strenuous as the 1948 ISDT in Italy plus as wet as the 1927 event in the Lake District, from 16th to 23rd of September, over 1306 miles Britain's Trophy team did not lose one single mark!, a three way tussle with Austria & Italy, The silver Vase contest had 9 teams from 6 different countries. Britain's 'Vase A Team of D S Evans (500 Ariel), A F Gaymer (500 Triumph) & E Usher (350 Matchless) were 'pushed hard right up to the final day by the Swedish side when H Danielsson (500 BSA) retired, he and his two Ariel mounted compatriots B Mattsson & B Strandberg had provided really determined competition. 

Medals, Trophies & Posters in a Llandrindod Wells shop window!.  The one in the foreground has been identified by Jan Melssen of Netherlands as the Anelays Challenge Trophy... So few of us recall.  Prizegiving this year was at the Grand Pavilion & delayed for the first time due to engine stripdowns & measurements being required for the first time.  British team manager was Len Heath, he had the delight of watching team Captain Fred Rist (500 BSA), W Jack Stocker (350 Royal Enfield), Peter H Alves (500 Triumph), B Hugh M Viney (350 AJS) & M Ray (500 Ariel) gaining the coveted International Trophy.  Prizegiving had been timed for 8.30 pm however it was delayed & took place an hour later.  Llandrindod Wells Town Councillors plus local dignitaries attended with F.I.M Secretary-General T W Loughborough plus leading Motorcycling Personalities of Federation Internationale Motorcycling.  Professor A M Low was in the Chair, calling a number of speakers inc. Major Loughborough & acknowledged "father" of the I.S.D.T. Peter Nortier, President of Commission Sportif Internationale plus F.I.M Steward, & Dutch countryman G M Bruinsma.   Count "Johnny" Lurani, of Italy then Major H R Watling, director of the Manufacturer's Union.  Suggestions were made for the "International" to be held in Italy or Sweden the following year, plus return to Wales in 1952 was suggested by several.

A great many 1950 Pics are by courtesy of George Smith who saved a great many pictures from the stores of MUNDAY the great Sidecar people. Thanks George! for putting them to disc.. Jan Melssen to the rescue!! identifying this as the DUTCH B-team. CZ machines from the left Piet Besterbreutje (lost 38 marks), Jaap Haaker (lost 17 marks) and Cees van Rijssel (lost 0 marks).  Behind them left J.Sjouw (General Manager) right Maarten Flinterman (Team Manager). The van behind is the servicecar of the Dutch Federation KNMV {Koninklijke Nederlandse Motorrijders Vereniging}.  This was a I.S.D.T. when 213 started, 81 finished!, 38 gained Gold Medals, 16 gained Silver Medals with a loss of under 11 marks, plus 12 who had incurred less than 51 marks obtained Bronze Medals.  Manufacturers Teams were set 10% Higher tests & faster times, 15 manufacturers teams were entered, 30 Club teams too, only two of these went through the 6 days unpenalised, The Newport & Gwent Team trio of  D J Redmore (500 Triumph) L G Wedgbury (350 BSA) & T Hawkins (350 AJS) lost only one mark! in winning the Anelay (of Blackburn) Challenge Trophy Cup.

Big big thanks to GEORGE SMITH once again for solving!, This is the Italian Trophy Team, fm left with their eventual numbers, G. Benzoni, M. Tormisari, N. Ventura, G. Strada, B. Francisci.  their Competitors numbers 4, 25, 31, 53, 86. 

 Number plates, self explanatory. 

225, W J Clark 500 BSA 117 D Danielson of Sweden 500 BSA  221 AJS works 350 of A W Barnard 205 BSA's Works machine ridden by Fred Rist.

Which team & machines eh? had previously been asked here, George Smith had faded pencilled writing to work on & it took high levels of flowing tea, late night magnifying glass work to identify easiest they are Puch machines prior to the weighing in & Competition numbers allocation, AUSTRIAN TROPHY TEAM, the only team to place their number plates over machines headlamps, presumably to keep h/l glass clean, unbroken, white rim around number plates are also distinctive. Centre pic. is a 248 Puch Reg. No. G 25 330, team mate to left probably G 25 329 from the pencilled writing studied by George, far right aft of the portly chap we need identity of is one of 2 124 Puchs, reg. No. G 7-492, another 124cc Puch is in the pic. with reg. G 7-493. The third from right chap 'against the van rear' with tousled hair rode one of the 248's.  Austrian Team members names seem to be J. Trammer, E. Beranek, S. Cymral (of whom George teasingly enquires whether he was a Welsh Austrian team member!) J Weingartmann & H Walz compile the listed team.  A Lucas chap in the snowy white overalls is obviously attending other than non Lucas fitted Puch machines electrics. 

Scrutineering has 28 172 J F Dukes's BSA 123cc & 24 F A Welch's 172cc SUN, a mention of Gold Medal winner Fitzroy Allen is deserved here, anyone with a photo of him especially at the huge Dinas Rock section, after all he was using a BSA 123 BANTAM, thanks to A. Williams for pointing this out.

Next & at last, DULAIS VALLEY MOTOR CYCLE CLUB  Clubman Fitzroy Allen & that machine (believed to be shown here in 'one day Trial form) which also had BSA works assistance in preparation, Fitzroy took taht little machine proudly to 1951 ISDT Gold, at the Italy event, a point or two from overall winner, be took most small machine events in Wales & UK after returning, here he is with an array of prizes, the machine here is not this pic equipped with lighting required for 1950 ISDT, Fitzroy continued after competing to help younger riders & Running the club itself  (Rowles collection Picture) BSA Bantam enthusiasts will note the Cylinder head shape & we could appreciate data on this. Arthur Williams has come up with an observation that it does look remarkably like a George Todd Bantam head & thanks to Arthur, it does too. A check thru the 1950 ISDT Official programme had no mention of Fitzroy Allen, I was mistaking the year until Arthur Williams came to the rescue with 1951!, Arthur also recalls Fitzroy's machine being exhibited in Kenny Roberts Motorcycle Shop at Newport Gwent.

Ladies first, Mrs E R Lloyd on her 123cc BSA on the line alongside P Bakker of Holland on a 125 DKW.  Again George Smith points out Miss Lloyd's BANTAM 123 Reg Number KOP 587 is only one away from the BSA works numbered BANTAM machine ridden by B. Pickering, KOP 586.  It looks VERY MUCH as if this is actually in the same Team, I had missed that so thanks to George.

20 FW Osbourne on a 125 James along with B Pickering's BSA123 (BSA works) Bantam, the one away registration of KOP 586 gets the link for those visiting the site. my apologies for missing the connection.

Sidecars start with #2 F H Carey's 350 Royal Enfield

Zundapp Chair setup

Alan helped locate this 1950 ISDT Triumph Team related Gold medal for us to feast our eyes upon, currently up for Auction in EBay!

F W Whittle's Works Panther Outfit

C V Kemp #61 Out on the Course here on the Ystradfellte run to Deganwy & Crai, worth a club run to see this area, just ask for directions fm here?This is the Background View used on the Actual ISDT Medals presented. Worth mention too is that the road below faces Brecon & A. Williams & many more used this point as Army RV point, 'still used as such too.

Cantref Bridge at Brecon, Molly Briggs 204 leading P. Oxley #95 on his 498 AJS with P. Opessi on a 250 Moto Guzzi just astern. an Arthur Williams pic

Card!! for the First ISDT which included night timing

The DMW man Smokey Dawson who even when in difficulties when running his DMW concern did me a great favour which let me get tubes to let Owen Greenwood build the Grass Track outfit, 'yet to be repaid, here is his Factory 122cc Ridden by M Foley

A nostalgic treat for me was receiving a pic from Eddie Turner (after help as usual from the Douglas Club.  Eddie is the owner of Ted Brefitts's original machine pictured prevously negotiating the Abergwesyn watersplash in 1950, well here is the machine so superbly restored, again at an identifiable spot it passed 55 yrs or so ago!.Many thanks to Eddie Turner

Dutch entry 213 H Pelikaan on a JAWA,  219 J R Halden 500 Triumph, 220 D Stokes 350 BSA, 218 Capt. D G Miles 500 Triumph. 217 is the Ariel Works rider C M Ray who had just won the Victory Trial this year on a 500 Ariel. 

D Douglas Jones in action

D D Jones, Is this Douglas Jones ?, great defender of human & animal rights, fair play and natural decency too, few could remember Douglas Jones is the chap who brought ball end levers to be mandatory on competition machines, despite ACU's Harry Baughan's initial opposition.

E G Jones we believe to be Douglas Jones's late brother, the chap at his elbow is Harry Baughan of ACU competitions fame!

E G Jones in action

Ithon Valley Club teamster J A Bates

Spectators! watching during a 'during darkness' stage.

On the right is Eddie Stephens Ex Racer & 1937 ISDT Competitor, this time organizing & he became the man behind Eppynt TT Races after Charlie Rossiter's initial idea of having racing there. 

T M Tun with his 650 Triumph & the Sprung Hub <dreaded by some!

T M Tun being interviewed about his big twin Triumph mount.

W A Brown of Oswestry Club

Fast man N Treseder of Sand racing & Grass Track Fame on his 250 Panther  J Treseder rode a James 197 as number 93

W A Roberts & his 500 AJS

J A Bates on a 350 Royal Enfield

Works Ariel Twin ridden by D Evans

D R (Des ) James who 'went to Gold' in 1949 on a scarce Royal Enfield 250 Clipper, this time his Triumph's rear hub gave out 6 miles rom the finish & Des had to 'make do' with Silver!  a great all round competitor who at one stage rode Harry J Hulsman's HJH.  Des is still a great man of Talybont!!!

The late great Jim Kentish, who had his first licence in 1933 is here on a Works pre Production Matchless 500 Twin, 'someone' had altered the direction signs & points loss incurred saw him gain only a Bronze Medal, there was and became a lot more to credit Jim. Many thanks for the pic. Jim also rode a 348 BSA No 200 in 1949 ISDT then I have on record Jim riding 1954 ISDT on a 225 James 2 stroke which is recorded as desperately trying to fall apart throughout the event, Jim persevered & emerged with a Silver Medal. (We have been sent a pic listed as the Welsh International Six Days Trial showing AA Saunders Jim Kentish plus Ron Woolaway as the Sunbeam MCC Club Team, 'more info required')  Jim obtained the 27th Vincent HRD Rapide 'A' off the Works Production System in 1937 V1021 frame & DV1522 Motor, he won 2 1938 races at Brooklands Circuit (which as many know is located at Weybridge) on that machine plus obtained his Cherished GOLD STAR award for a Lap of 106.65 MPH.  Just as an excuse I shall add this pic of the Ship's Bell of the Vessel,  S.S. Weybridge a Trading Ship Vessel owned locally, I obtained this in the start of the 80's, on a stopover Trip from Dubai to Pakistan renewing my UAE VISA, my wife Janet & I paid for the item and had doubts about it reaching our home at Dubai, a great surprise when a couple of chaps turned up at our home & unloaded our Bell & some other ship artifacts from a rickety handcart after a Dhow voyage. S.S. Weybridge was dismantled at Gadani Beach, 40 miles from Karachi. 


 Llandovery stage check, it looks much the same over 50 years later!

W E Bill Snow's 500 Norton  he retired around the halfway stage.

Not Frank Wilkins & Kay but A E Dent who retired around the 3rd Day.

Mid Wales rider D Stokes here at the Llandovery Square check in stage.       We are currently creating content for this section. We need a little more time. plus any input visitors can provide Please advise of any source via our Guestbook & stop by again. Thank you for your interest!

Next & last for the tired men & machines to keep set speed, the formidable Eppynt which unlike other circuits never took a racer's life & has an immense ARCHIVE in www.silverdragons.co.uk just click on the address to see a 6 year pic with cine film record too.

Nearest Camera is Kenniwell Dixon on the 350 Velocette at 1950 Eppynt TT Races, which he brought into second place on that same 5.2 Miles per lap Circuit used in ISDT,  to his right is the man who became many times World Champion for MV Agusta Moto Guzzi plus Mondial Italian teams, Cecil Sandford with his customary handkerchief in place, this time riding for Arthur Taylor Stourport tuner & development man for Velocette, aft on the balloted grid is "A" moustachio'd character & publican Ron Rudge and his 350 Douglas, 50 marks another 350 Velocette of George Morgan of Wallasey. This pic kindly supplied by Brian Jones of Newtown from his family collection, his father had frequently attended Eppynt & passed down the stories to Brian

The Welsh Flag flutters from that Marquee, obtained sorted plus erected & cared for by Noel Knight Senior of a family heavily involved in racing plus supporting Carmarthen Motor Club, number 52 is Syd Barnett's Bates tuned Norton which in this race took the Lap record at Eppynt into the 70's, ahead of him 56 is the famous  Les Graham on a Works 350 AJS, we wd love to know the rider of that machine to the lower right of the pic, some say it is one of the Jaynes of Brynmawr on a Royal Enfield, research goes on. So many riders arrived at the hilltoplocation with nowhere to stay & the Marquee became  a hostel by night! (Another great storytelling picture from the Brian Jones of Newtown family collection kindly supplied to publish here)

Here they await the 6th Day speed trials over 1500 ft up in Eppynt Mountain on the largest, 5.2 Miles TT Circuit on Mainland Britain. Certainly Ariel, is it Works team members? left on 217 is C M Ray 229 Norman Vanhouse & who is on that twin Ariel on the right, it looks very like Works man D S Evans?, fruit of their labours added below. Shrouded Dixie's Corner Buildings can be seen in the background.

Mountain Mist at Eppynt, named so after the Pagan Goddess Epona & where the term 'PONY' is derived!. & where Welsh Cobs  are said to have bred since time began, the English translation of Epynt is "The Haunt of the Horse!" here we see it moody in early low cloud morning & in the next pic cleared of cloud.  This pic shows BSA works organised progress with 205 the legendary Fred Rist on a 500 works BSA, next133 B J Draper on a Works 500 BSA, next 157 Bill Nicholson on a 350 BSA Works BSA!, you can faintly see buildings to the right of this pic.

How quickly Eppynt weather changes, 57 years later, 'still the same moody place, this pic taken by Jan Isaac November 2007 From the rise you can see in the start below, you can see the Dixie's corner joining yje Straight at the FAR SIDE of the Buildings, The buildings then there were the Admin, pits Paddock & the view is from aft of the balloted starting Grid for the TT Races there

Overcast but strangely clearing at where the TT would start on Eppynt 5,2 Miles per lap circuit 195 is L G Wedgbury of the Newport team  on his 350 BSA, 185 N S Harries on a Royal Enfield 350, (almost watching the works man), then W J Stocker on that Works 350 Royal Enfield & almost riding with him is 156 J Wright on the 350 BSA. Those who have not visited Eppynt Mountain itself can seldom believe how quickly & extensively it's weather can change, here is an example, one moment you can be in low cloud, next? clarity.

Just to prove 195 is L.G. Wedgbury, here is the Competitor's numbered badge, he still retains & kindly scanned in then emailed here by his son Steve Wedgbury. My thanks to Steve & L.G. Wedgbury himself.

Leonard George Wedgbury No 49/1423 Auto Cycle Union Licence, signed by the same Stan Huggett who signed my own National one in 1965!.  This little section of 1950 ISDT covers so much of the personal aspect., Big Thanks again to Len Wedgbury & son Steve for bringing a more completely human feeling to a Chronicle of an extraordinary Event.

Printed after the 3 Days Stage 3 Clubs teams only had lost no points, at the end Newport & Gwent's Team emerged as the Best and took the Trophy seen being awarded.  After being winner of the Barrat Trophy in the Mitchell Memorial Trial at Merthyr in the company of celebrities of their era, Olga Kevelos (Norton) & (BSA's) Bill Nicholson, L Wedgbury took the Barrat Trophy & customary plaque when the Trophy is returned for the next year.

After L.G.'s Performance & Gold Medal in 1949 (ACU) East South Wales Centre's Newport & Gwent Club were delighted to enter plus help support via Entry fees and such to have him ride for their WINNING team in 1950.  Here is the Award such a bond has been commemorated by, a superb well earned & well justified piece to be proud of.  FOR THOSE LIKE ME WITH AILING EYESIGHT! IT READS:- EAST SOUTH WALES CENTRE, A.C.U. TO COMMEMORATE THE SUCCESS OF THE WINNING NEWPORT & GWENT CLUB TEAM, INTERNATIONAL 6 DAYS 1950, L WEDGBURY.

Here is that winning team L G Wedgbury centre with his distinct Welsh flag coloured helmet those other 2 of Newport & Gwent team 104 Triumph 498 D J Redmore with T Hawkins 223 348 AJS. (behind them 181 is Triumph Team man A F Gaymer on a Works Triumph 498 (photo loaned by Steve Wedgbury) This pic is at Eppynt TT Circuit ready for the 6th day speed Trial, the 'shed' behind is at Dixie's Corner, a similar building is still there 

Thanks to his son Steve's efforts I can identify the Chap in the Pin stripe suit, about to receive the Cup is L G Wedgbury who took a Silver Medal in 1950 after his Gold in 1949.  The actual Cup being presented is the Anelay (of Blackburn) Challenge Trophy, the team was Newport and Gwent Club, Jan Melsssen of Holland helped us identify this Cup in that Window display of Trophies at the head of this 1950 ISDT page. Possibly in the background are those other 2 of Newport & Gwent's team D J Redmore with T Hawkins.  That same Cup was finally passed to Maico team of Frankfurt in the 1954 ISDT.

ISDT, just remember this is a Silver Medal, 1949 ISDT previous to this had seen Len Wedgbury actually take Gold.

Rear View could not be left out

L WEDGBURY'S ACTUAL MACHINE, 1949 BSA ZB 32 Gold Star, bought new through Jayne's Garage in Brynmawr, with an undertaking that he would ride it as a private entrant in 1949 ISDT.  LW had seen the machine at the previous Earls Court Show!, where he had been told that delivery was very restricted.  'Machine came with documentation stating it's full performance details along with several sheets detailing adjustments and modifications to enable the machine to be Road Raced and Scrambled. My thanks to Leonard George Wedgbury for proudly achieving the chronicled data on the BSA Gold Star EU 9915, I have just placed it on record with the aid of Steve Wedgbury & his family. 

After the Event the Picture used by FERODO to show their product being used by the Winning team.