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THIS IS LINKED  to:- http://www.cefn-yr-erw.co.uk/  the "Chimp Sanctuary" in Brecon Beacons fringe  is what it started as but now home to Goats, Cattle, Shire Horses, to little ones plus Foxes, Wolves all being rescued from all around the World, ill treated Physically & emotionally damaged animals which cannot plead their case are cared for, it is a lot more than than a caring gentle or humane human can imagine & merits more than just a look, If you enjoy our site there are others which could benefit by receiving even your tiniest assistance. AT LEAST VISIT THAT SITE TO SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING & WHERE THE ANIMALS GET HELP. Even a line of assorted Ducks walking safely around the Sanctuary, or swimming in the pond, take a look and you'll see they had been shot or trapped & had an eye missing part of a leg or wing blasted away, they live safely in unison with other animals, 'even Baboons rescued from being kept in tiny cages in Lebanon, where do they find care? HERE where help can be appreciated.

http://www.silverdragons.co.uk shows the Archive John Barnes has assembled  covering when the Brecon Beacons fringe had the largest TT Races on Britain's Mainland attended annually by 35000 spectators. 

http://www.sandspeedwales.co.uk shows where the Sands races took place in Wales from 1920's, Oxwich Bay Broughton Bay Aberavon Beach LLanmadoc, Fairwood Airport Plus Vincent HRD factory team being beaten in the Isle of Man by a private Vincent HRD machine etc. We found that a great amount of Pictures appearing in Pendine Races Book were not really at Pendine at all!, simply 'doctored' pictures with their dates & locations, plus even the photographers titles airbrushed or chopped off the images which appeared. THIS WEBSITE PUTS MATTERS RIGHT.

http://taffthehorns.com  THE website to help enthusiasts fathom which hooters were fitted where & when plus where to get bits for them, where to get them fixed or even where to trade in duds incomplete ones plus broken hooters for the lads wishing to obtain exactly correct the original one restored for their machine. The additional section here has space for people to send in Motorcycle or Cars only pictures to be placed online, tatty or torn, ripped pictures or Negatives we can help recover & display hopefully for visitors to identify & link with where when who of the historic past, no charges either. 

www.pike-bsa.com  from Ton van der Rijt in Holland this is a great new website with Roland Pike's work on the BSA machinery which emerged as the Gold Star, worth a good look through. (The BSA was so very similar to Roland's designed Pike Rudge raced at Eppynt in the Mainland TT)

http://www.LlanelliCommunityHeritage.org well worth a Visit

www.bikerwales.com Stuart Forbes's fine site for 'bike users!

www.motorbike-search-engine.co.uk Ian Owen's site covers virtually everything to do with motorcycles

http://best.walesonline.com/ the address says it all 

http://homepage.ntlworld.com/breconbeaconspage/ Wayne's site covering the beauty of the Beacons. showing where to visit & walk

http://www.six-days.org/pages/benvenuti.html What a superb historic record of the ISDT & it's onpass to Enduro form, 'a privilege to add & link our own & older Chronicle of the International Six Days Trials action>In Britain it was based at Llandrindod wells & David Higman, Curator of Britain's National CYCLE (Not Motorcycle) Museum which is actually at Llandrindod Wells was the instigator of assembling all from the Old Tom Norton's premises there.

http://www.soloenduro.it  one superb site, not in English, but pictures speak any language & Italian teams plus machines made the ISDT what it was.

http://www.racingnorton.co.uk  The website address says it all, really nice site.

http://www.racingvincent.co.uk As above, also great to visit and enjoy.

http://www.bangerracing.com  This fine site brings the motor racing history of Cornwall region to light once again.