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This is how it went from 1913 to 1949, this was in the 1950 Official Programme.

International Six Days Trials (ISDT) became known later as Six Day EnduranceInternational Six Days Enduro is the oldest 'off road' event on FIM's Calendar.

First held in 1913, with first & Second World Wars interruptions ISDT then SDE has been  held every year since then. Events have been tests of machine plus rider skill, along with reliability held on the 'roads Speed Reliability tracks Cross country sections plus Hill Climb locations, today more of the routes are held truly 'off road'. Originally called International Six Day Trial but since 1980 has been titled ISD Enduro'.

Until 1974 it was held at European plus Scandinavian locations, then in 1974 it was held in the USA. Since then it has been outside of Europe more frequently, twice in Australia (1992 and 1998) once more in USA (1994) and then BRAZIL! (2003). In 2006 this year's event is in New Zealand, with 2007 Chile, Greece is 2008 scheduled location.

National Teams from as many as 32 different countries compete in recent years. it's History rules & conditions naturally developed to keep pace with developments within market requirements, commerce plus Sport.  

It remains however a supreme test of men with varying machines over six days and approx. 1250 miles, strict rules on time allowances, also restrictions on mechanical replacements must be observed to avoid penalties, the rider is still required to carry out running repairs.

Earlier media & World Market Interest has been on a par & perhaps Worldwidely greater than current levels to Current Formula F1. Regarded as an 'Olympics of Motorcycling' Nowadays Carrying Trophies for Best National and Junior National Teams, Club Teams plus Manufacturers Teams with Gold, Silver, Bronze Medals for individual performance it attracts entries of circa or over 500 riders along with thousands official support plus back up helpers with hordes of spectators.

Llandrindod Wells to this day hosts the Welsh 2 Days version, still Starting and Finishing near that same Lakeside Boat House.

Earliest 1913 ISDT Event Pic. at Carlisle.

The Trophy for that 2002 Reunion Ride arranged by the late Tony Boundy who had been a lifelong ISDT enthusiast

Just to pick up what we can and where, let us look at the Man who started 'Edwards Towy Garage' & had links & Medals (2) at 1920 Pentre Cwrt & one spelled Pentre Court at Lampeter plus Silver Medals at the Scottish Six Days Trial that year along with the Gold Medal ACU Six Days Event?<advise & we can alter. (The Medals etc. are still kept safe by W Edwards's Great Grandson now living in Wales after 21 yrs in Australia & are pictured with copyright from the Stephen Edwards Collection.)

85 years onwards

W. Edwards here at Pendine 1920, however what is that bike? can anyone advise us?, some say AJS 

1927 ISDT, with a quaintly captioned English Lake District Picture, at that Ambleside Event. This plus the 1913 Carlisle pic. and a total 6 following have been supplied by Neal Owen, a Vintage enthusiast 'biker' who hails from the Llandrindod Wells area. 

That 1929 ISDT, Mid Europe FICM Planned Event Pic. started at Munich, passed through Germany, Austria, Italy, France, then on to Switzerland with a Grand Finish at Geneva you will find the Official 1929 ISDT Documents in another section 28 is Albert Reinhardt of Denmark on a Rudge Whitworth, 35 is Achilles Weider of Switzerland, then, 36 ? Carmine of Switzerland on a Universal, once again my thanks to Jan Melssen for identifying the scene.

1930, France, entering a pitch-black tunnel with no spot of light at it's far end out of blinding sunlight came as a surpirise to A.E. Perrigo, British Team man, later 'Bert' emerged as BSA's Comp. team Manager plus he had strong involvement in BSA Production Management.

 W.T.Tiffen Snr. shown here 1931/2 ISDT Reale Motor Club d'italia organised the trial to test gearboxes, engines & braking systems on Alpine Roads radiating from Merano, here on  Castalunga finding it thirsty work with a dark Dolomitic background. 

9000 feet of Stelvio, then the highest pass in Europe was also part of both the 1931 & 1932 events, even in August Holidaymakers Ski there, an impressive backdrop & test of machinery developments too.

Our great thanks to Jan Melssen, his research brought this politically significant Official 1935 ISDT Event Plaque to light, FICM.

It is just a button I thought!,  One Dutch Rider Hans de Beaufort carried this official entry Button in 1935 ISDT, into WW2 he was heavily involved in helping Allied Airmen to safety in Switzerland, so absolutely sad & how touching that he was later executed by the Germans on April 9th 1942.  The squandering of human life wars bring about. Currently Jan Melssen is compiling the wearer of Button 213.  Hans de Beaufort was son of well to do family who became a journalist on weekly Magazine "Motor" from Piet Nortier & not a winner of great Competitive Prizes.  He was however a man with a determined sense of Justice & was incredibly active in his aims particularly to Forge Papers & help crashed Allied Airmen to return from enemy held areas & was strongly active within the resistance movement. February 1942 saw him aged 27 leave Holland by train to try to reach UK via Switzerland.  He was captured in Besancon then taken to Dyon prison where he was shot along with 2 other Dutchmen held there & buried there.  1956 however saw his remains transferred to the Dutch Military Cemetery at Orry-la-Ville.  In 1947 the KNMV Sportcommission instituted a De Hans de Beaufort Beker (Cup) Only to be awarded to motor Sportsmen that had not only excelled in competition but also in decency plus perseverence, since 1947 it was not even awarded on 8 occasions when a suitable rider was not found.  Such as this can make men humble & incredibly respectful.  Thanks, for more information on a button than can be imagined, to Jan Melssen

Europe, Bavaria 1936, the Splendidly organised tough sectioned Trial with enormous mileages, timed Hill Climbs & uniformed officials & Nazi Banners galore.  The 1936 International Six Days Trial was held in Germany, organised by the Deutsche Automobil Club and began on the 17th September. It started in the Black Forest town of Freudenstat and the course headed towards the Olympic stadium at Garmisch. There were a total of 249 entrants, 138 of them being German. The country having the second highest number of competitors was Great Britain & Ireland with 53.

Again Jan Melssen's efforts allow us to see the 1936 FIMC Plaque, many thanks Jan.

1936  competition was won by the British 'B' Team who completed the course in the best average time. They consisted of the Scottish trio: Edwards; MacGreggor; & Leslie, riding Rudge motorcycles seen here after the win!.

Closer view of the Rudge Works ISDT machine in 1936

Above & below are from faded photocopies kindly onpassed by Alistair Crook.

In 1948 a late change brought ISDT back to Italy centred at San Remo, 'nicknamed the "Alpine Grand Prix" by regulars, from Palm lined coastal highways to the sort of track shown here in 1948.

AA Saunders left, Jim Kentish centre & Ron Woolaway in this picture, as the Sunbeam MCC Team in what is called the 1948/1949 Welsh International Six Days Trial. Perhaps the 1949 ISDT held in Wales? >We shall look up the Official 1949 Programme soon.

No, not 1936 but of the Morgans team in the 1926 ISDT, I could not leave out this little Ad.

Not 1936 but 1934 supplied by Yve Campion, a scan of the 1934!! Das Motorrad showing the start & Internationale atmosphere where Bikes 83? & 88 are 500 ohv Gillet Herstal Slopers with Jacky Ickx's dad Jaques Ickx & Alfred Lenfranc (former members of FIM Board in the 60's) 'merci Yve a Minerva 1902.03 owner.

Organised by Deutsche Automobil Club, the ISDT event started 12th  October 1936 1936, here is one of the orig signs!. We currently require content for this section. Please stop by again. Thank you for your interest!

A 1936 ISDT Checkpoint scene, we do need a Programme copy of 1936 plus literature & pictures, Tiffen has now been identified as the Velocette rider to the left of this pic. 

A team which passed the sign! BSA 1936 ISDT team with Fred Rist prominent.

Tom Whitton astride a OHC AJS 'chosen to ride a 500 machine for AJS at the 1937 ISDT at Llandrindod Wells, with Tim Robbins & Waycott in the West of England Team.  Brittain, Rowley & Waycott were officially the AJS Trophy team, George Rowley & Fred Povey were to ride the 350 machines. a here faded record of a sparkling period of achievements galore.

Here are 2 pics of Medals which Trials guys would give their eye teeth for. 1937, Tom C. Whitton was in the AJS team plus took part in that 1939 aborted? Austrian ISDT when tales so far point out that the British Consul sent the competitors out of Nazi controlled Austria in a hurry via Switzerland! with Petrol provided by their hosts, the Wermacht, I need more data for this aspect, & shall enlarge or modify accordingly.Take a look at that Artwork, 'Rose of England to the left of the World in relief, next to it's right WELSH LEEK symbol, above them the FIM logo plus ACU emblem, the Welsh Mountains grace the background, (actually the view from Ystradfellte high corner on the course is the same).

1939!!! World in a bewildering period of ominous threats & counterthreats ISDT time only now emerging in fragments & faded images.

To go to Salzburg, Berchtesgaden both names familiar to those oldies amongs us Tom (T C Whitton) first had to be chosen from many, this shows media record of the start of the roads to the 1939 ISDT saga.  Getting into AJS Works Team in itself is an achievement, what followed could defy screenplay written stories. Thanks again to David Whitton, now from California for reaching into an Aunt's scrapbook & saving some epic historic events which became overshadowed by the suffering & turmoil of War. In Spite of Mr Chamberlain's vain 'peace in our time' sortie to Germany & a triumphant return with signed peace provenace brandished in his hand on the gangway of his plane. Governmental releases plus Political Press release messages in credibility to masses has diminished further still, 'Weapons of Mass destruction' has passed the way of 'Victories in Afghanistan', Cold War Nuclear standoffs, Suez Conflict along with Balkan States turmoil, warlords in Africa, Middle East interminable tussles & all right down to secular plus tribal differences, it all still goes on.

A rare image of 1939 ISDT machines, does anyone know who that is on the Matchless DUC 161, plus which machine s had FOG parts of Registrations?, Rudge team machines had KMP 607  KMP 608 & KMP 609

1939 ISDT, the only one in which the entire British contingent had to retire from, the World was changing to a certain approaching war footing, this copied exactly from press cuttings by David Whitton (Whose immense help brings such as this to light)is what came from Tom Whitton & colleagues via reporters from to Newspapers in UK, worth a careful scan through. After WW2 started in Europe Tom was with troops surrounded, yet on a WD motorcycle he got through to where the Dunkirk rescue took place, he got back to Britain to continue a struggle which needs no emphasis.

Tom C Whitton getting a helpful push with his works AJS, in the short time the 1939 ISDT was underway, followed by German Competitor H. Zureck with his 250 Triumph.

Next, 'Team Manager woke the lads at 1 am on the 4th day to advise them not to continue or the British Embassy & Foreign office could not vouch for their safety, a memorable exodus homeward commenced, an arduous task after coping with competing over 300 miles per day for 3 consecutive days, it meant heading for Switzerland across a Part of Germany where Tom & Co was escorted by an SS Colonel Grimm!, Tom is identifiable in this newspaper print under the cross applied!, this was a reliability he became involved in a time trial with far more than points at stake.

A 1939 now restored 250 DKW ISDT machine

The Works Triumph Trophy Machine ridden by the Great Jim Alves in 1951 ISDT, shown here deservedly bearing a Rosette at Bristol Classic Show.  The picture here is kindly supplied by Nigel Wynne who has produced the best VintageBike.co.uk website which I have been fortunate to see.

Another sent-in pic of a 1953 ISDT reporting Magazine, many thanks to Rik Gibbon. The ISDT team which went to Czechoslovakia shown below, thanks Rik.

 Tester Bernal Osborne at Llandrindod Wells 1953 trying P.F. Hammond's SWINGING ARM FITTED 650 TRIUMPH to be ridden in 1953 ISDT.  Emergence of suspension to replace their rigid back end & Triumph 'sprung hub you can see advertised in 1950 section. 

J Penton 1962, This has been sent in here, a chap's Magazine front cover pic. I have not had the formal OK to use this from the Publishers however shall delete immediately if objections arise.

1962 Greeves ISDT, this print was for sale on ebay!!

Steve McQueen's 650 Triumph TRSC steed, of the 1964 ISDT 'here on display, this pic has been sent in here & I am unsure of the source, should it offend or be objected to as breach of copyright it will be immediately removed.

More info please? POLISH Scooter in ISDT WFM M-50, 175 cc, Can anyone identify Rider & ISDT Location & date plus further info please?.

1964 ISDT, DDR Winning Team.

A tiny pic shows the 75cc Simson from 1967 ISDT

Can anyone advise the date of this Replica ISDT MZ  or better still find us a orig pic please?

Even the MZ Fuel cap carried the ISDT Win Data

1964 ISDT Program Programme

1970 Madrid  Espana ISDT

1970 ISDT Sticker for Replica

OSSA 250 Pioneer & Winners of 1971 ISDT, Ron Webster (Gold), Dave Latham (Gold), Charlie Vincent (Gold), Don Cutler (Silver) Winning Team & Advertisment which followed.

See below, Isle of Man ISDT 1975 the Moto Morini Official Team taken at Douglas IoM.

Doug Linford of USA on the Hercules 1975 ISDT Wankel GS Rotary machine, this pic. was given by Doug himself to Leo Keller to use his superb Site vinduro.de (wish I could do one anywhere near as good!) anyway Leo Keller has kindly allowed me to place this unique pic. of the machine & rider in action here in this website, THANKS TO LEO.

1979 ISDT, line-up of Competing machinery