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Ominous drums of terrible war could be clearly heard, Spain had seen right wing political muscles flexed, few could then realize how world markets plus National economies, unemployment also direct prosperity itself balanced, finely dependant upon outcome results in this 20th International Six Days Trials.  Nowadays Internet & televised advertisments have shares of influence, not available then.   Petrol Companies, Oil companies, Brake shoes materials, Electrical Ignition, Lighting systems, Chain companies, Goggles suppliers, Riding boots, Control levers, Tyres, plus machines, companies plus factories producing them and working folk needed economic reliable transport to their workplaces plus value for their earnings and had an annual world stage to prove superiority. we may have to use the newspaper cuttings stock currently available to us, Military Contracts & requirements had long been specified.

BSA Competitors Mrs Miriam Anning at left with Marjorie Cottle & 250 BSA Empire Star.

Cyril G. Rowles at Llandrindod Wells Start point on his 500 Matchless #188 under the scrutiny of an RAC man, riding for the WSW (West South Wales Centre) Picture loaned from the Rowles Family collection, courtesy of Michael Rowles, son of C. G. Rowles & himself a Trials Rider.

Cynghordy Post office, just outside Llandovery, still there with that same arched top wooden Chapel window frame above the door plus those very same guttering drain pipes stared back at me in July 2006 from currently empty holiday or summer homes.  (that wooden framed building to the left of the pic has been  removed) These chaps with their very Zundapp looking sidecar outfit were on their way to the timed pause at Llandovery and had apparently stopped to post something, we still await researched identities for all in this picture. (A 1938 Program contents was provided by those wonderful VMCC Library folk,  rider Entered emerges as SWISS E. Haller, entered on what was listed as a Universal 674 cc Sidecar OutfIt. Eppynt TT Races, the largest TT Races on Mainland Britain 1948 to 1953 information had it's registered Admin office at Llandovery, In the Red Lion Hotel,practically next door to the current Information Centre. Peter Ritchie has contacted us to advise, that mystery lady between the 2 riders is Vera Cunningham. wife of solo rider 'Buster Cunningham, many thanks to Peter!

Sadly most areas of Wales have forgotten the Course Path & the Nationalities & dress plus political trend portrayed, go to the Towns & villages en route & nowadays nobody seems to recall the event.

C.G. Rowles 188 Matchless 500 heading up the track away ('past what is now a carpark) from the river near the lower base of Dinas Rock itself, the track is a little firmer today, another contribution from the Rowles collection

Not British, judging by the sidecar arrangement #126, , TO THE 'Identifying Rescue' came VMCC Library folk yet again, W Reinhardt of Germany is seen riding his 597 BMW & Sidecar  (from the Rowles collection)

British Entry W (Bill) Peacock on 147 Ariel & Sidecar identified thanks to VMCC Library people yet again,  alignment (Rowles Collection)

Esso, Shell, Mobiloil, Castrol, Renold, Lucas Miller, Villiers, Clearhooters, Champion. Lissen, Powell & Hamner, Stadium, Hella, CAV, Michelin, Bosch, Klaxon, Delco Remy, BTH, KLG, Magnetti Marelli, Lissen plus the entire Italian & German motorcycles ranges plus accessories with other European & American machinery & Products had to Compete to be the best available & where else to Internationally prove it to be so ISDT.   1949 ISDT Programme seen here carried a picture of the 1938 ISDT at Llandrindod Wells of a German Rider heading through Llandrindod centre from Tom Norton's Automobile Palace.

Credibility of Governments plus huge Military Contracts became dependant on results. (Sadly, a year later, developments were later advertised as we see here) ....Steam ship Europa arrived at Southampton at least a week prior to the ISDT start, Germany's Teams had narrowly been defeated for the previous 2 years and another massive attempt was planned.  The entire German team left to stay for 2 days preparation at Cheltenham, then off to Nottingham for another 3 days practice at Donnington Park, then settling seriously into & further Llandrindod Wells plus Welsh Hills acclimatization.   Again German machinery was of virtually TT ohc races BMW & three 'blown' 175 DKWs & 600cc BMW sidecar outfits, & a field of 209 entrants prepared to compete in earnest. The inevitable conflict to follow did not alter courteous behaviour of all or efforts in catering or assisting all.  David Higman is currently Curator of the National Cycle Museum, now occupying that Building to the right of pic. That is Tom Norton's Automobile Palace which still looks the same, David helped immensely assembling much in this site too & it was a sheer pleasure to see him being awarded an OBE. 

 Allocated work spaces for teams as in 1938 saw National flags proudly flutter behind the Red Dragon emblem of Wales which is the oldest Flag in Europe, the one at the left soon became involved in a terrible War.

Percy Sivell's 350 BSA Mount in the ISDT of 1938 is still kept as it was & working well with vintage & Trials Specialist John Harding. Peter Sivell can be seen as well on his New Imperial in the 1937 ISDT, no place for an old machine is safer than John Harding's Collection, John appreciates them, rides brilliantly ^ maintains them as they were, well done John.

This came in directly from John Harding's new Mobile phone!!!, absolutely great. Percy Sivell's BSA lives on.

Another Rowles picture of Cyril G Rowles, with his Matchless plus an array of silverware competitors could well envy. (One thing puzzling Michael Rowles & myself is that diamond shaped mark above the top of the 'M' on the Matchless Petrol tank, was it a way of marking by scrutineers?, does anyone care to advise us?. 

To Commemorate Representing West South Wales Centre, these were presented to each, again this was the one Cyril Rowles received & still treasured today by his family.

A 16H Norton did not really develop to be on a par with the Zundapp BMW or Jawa.