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COPY CODE LI0324A follows this each copy has it's own serial Code ID.  FOLLOWING IS A NON PROFIT SITE COMPILED WITH THE AID OF My patient & amazingly sensible wife, Janet Isaac, it COVERS MOTORCYCLE SPORT OF OLD, a site from which you only have to click http://www.sandspeedwales.co.uk  This CD of the Complete website other than Guest Book can be ordered here to see Offline the Sand Races of the 1920's & more, plus Britain's Largest Mainland TT Circuit 1948 to 1953 inc.  BOTH WEBSITES WILL BE OFFLINE WITHIN CIRCA 3 MONTHS UNLESS SOMEONE WOULD LIKE TO TAKE THEM OVER FROM ME. N.B We may shortly add www.silverdragons.co.uk to the websites available on CD.   One site now added is for restorers to obtain bits of ORIGINAL scarce HOOTERS or even trade duds which are broken & incomplete ones against correct originals (not vague low quality repro imitations) this finishes a machine so much better than false lookalike bits & adds to the machine value too.>Just click on  www.taffthehorns.com & the CD's may be ordered from there plus the website of taff the Horns CD is also available there, address shown here can get you to a site from which could trade bits of even broken duds against getting restored originals, you do not need to buy at all either, you can just use it to identify the types of original hooters used from way back in time, even gaskets coils & fasteners are obtainable there. A spare section there is for people to send in Images, negatives or pictures (even torn ones which we can improve, enhance) even forex trading South Africa with damage to help appear identifiable, those without name location rider data can be placed online for all to view & someone identify, no charge, let's find more history?.

REMEMBER, THE ISDT www.speedtracktales.co.uk  plus www.sandspeedwales.co.uk sites complete less Guest Books are available in CD form from here at £5 plus Postage of £1.50 within UK £2.50 to USA. They will be going offline within circa 3 Months unless someone wishes to take the sites over from me.

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http://best.walesonline.com/  is also worth repeated visits http://www.LlanelliCommunityHeritage.org now goes online along with Stuart Forbes's carefully run www.bikerwales.com catering for riders of all age machinery in this modern situation.

Carmarthen Park 1901, it states this was the 7th Grand Amateur Cycle & Race Meeting, however following the image you will note earlier events on fragments of 1880 & 1883 Programmes whilst the motorcycles could be of circa or even earlier than 1905. CARMARTHEN PARK VELODROME TRACK itself is where the opportunity to combine use of a motorcycle circulating immediately ahead of a cyclist to raise the attainable speed of the cyclist was first devised, thanks to both sports using the circuit in practice, this became used Worldwide everafter & the term "Pacer" was applied to the motorcycle.  Motorcycles became developed & specialised to carry streamlining etc..  The trend towards Velodromes & board racers in USA saw the Los Angeles Coliseum with it's first Board Track in 1909 & by 1910, there & elsewhere  tracks emerged with lengths increased from 1/3 of a mile to full mile tracks & modifications to bankings from 25 degrees to 60 in some cases.  Glenn Curtiss the American who started with a pedal cycle & moved on to record breaking Motorcycles then cars airships, & aircraft shows how developments were sought & progressed rapidly from his single cylinder Hercules record in 1903 to his 2 cylinder machine record of 67.36 mph set at Ormond Beach Florida on 28 Jan 1904 over 10 miles which stood for 7 years. 

Merlin's Oak showing it's condition of period at Glangwili end of Priory Street. "When this Oak is fallen down then shall drown Carmarthen Town" is a modernized version of the tale of yore.

D Bradbury Jones King St shop & Works producing Leader Bicycles

What views already seem to indicate is that this is an even  earlier machine/market state & the apparent HUMBER here could be a P&R which preceded a very similar P&M when produced by HUMBER under licence. Many thanks to Graham Sherbourne re this point.

Society witnessed engineering developments & sport proceeded apace, this is a ticket used to see cycle races at the ground which later turned into Wolverhampton Wanderers Football stadium, 1900  after when Carmarthen Park even had its own Velodrome.

A 1903 Quadrant in Road trim

Carmarthen Park 1903?, Thanks to kind help from Pat Davy & VMCC Library staff we can identify from left to right a c1903 2 3/4 hp RILEY, next a machine using a Perry Victor frame & fork set & on the right a 1903-4 3 hp HUMBER.

A closer view of the Humber described above.

1901 & here we see  Pareni listed as the Marvellous Wire Performer assisted by the Voldenes Gymnastic Marvels all from the Alexandra Palace, London. Dolvenes were also a named support for the event.

1901 Stuntman plus machine in mid air

Raleigh Schwann of 1899

Carmarthen Park, a view from the Church spire! 

Rossi & Spinelli Music machine which also graced & entertained at Carmarthen Park events

The Rudge 'Wedge' of 1902 provides further conjecture  to pictures actual dates.

Velodromes were 'IN' here at Lille in France it had a wooden boarded track Carmarthen's was the first concrete one.  This was where the finishes were staged for the Paris to Roubaix cycle races a fine finish point after the cobblestones etc en route, this data thankfully passed to us by a Anthony Ward whom you can note in our visitors book!. The Velodrome was more commonly called the Roubaix (suburb of Lille) Velodrome. 

Triumph's 1903 road machine seen here in restored form

Carmarthen's Velodrome structure remains intact, jocular comments have been many re this picture's likeness to one Basil Fawlty!, (actually Bill Andrews a prominent south Wales businessman)nevertheless let us look at how advanced this was for it's heyday with sparklingly clean new Carmarthen Park section.  In the midst of the Exhibition All Saints in aid of the Air Ambulance, helped by June Long, Noel Knight Jnr. plus all inc the Reverend connected, along came a long term old friend of mine Ossie Rogers, father of David Rogers & Stephen Rogers, a glance at this which happened to be onscreen in my Laptop brought Ossie to identify this as a past family member involved in Carmarthen Park's sporting past, to be "Bill" Andrews (we await further details)

Could anyone help in tracing descendants or other data ? please. Particularly re Henry Isaac whom we believe is a family member & connected with  Brin Isaac named upon & involved in the Sports Trophy awarded at Llanelli annually along with the Luther David Isaac whom you can note on the Parish Church Llanelli WW1 Memorial & who was buried in MALTA GC in the Cemetary at the Street of our Lady of sorrows after dying in the Tigne Hospital of wounds received at Gallipoli.

Matchless JAP (J&A Prestwich) powered 1902

can anyone out there help trace the named entrants?

Professional Foot Racers were listed in 1901 Programme.

1901 Cycle Race

Carmarthen Police outside the Courtroom, they had to purchase their own machines in those days, Constable Jack Williams is on the machine at right of pic. Grandfather of Restorer & Historian DAVE HANSON who owns the 1949 Land Rover (at least oldest in Carmarthenshire reg. FBX82) Dave is compiling extensive History data plus anecdotal matter on Land Rovers 1948 to 53 inc.  > Dave's Grandad plus the other Constable's machines are as yet not identified is here, Dave  kindly sent this along so if somebody out there can help ID machines info it will be published here plus onpassed with delight. Is that a Bonniksen Cowey or Jaeger speedo on the left machine?, Lucas #60 or 63 horn Types were around, plus Miller & Powell & Hanmer whilst Clayrite & Desmo had not been produced yet.  Over to experts now!

A better view of the Harley Davidson restored 1903 machine 

Harley Davidson 1903

Indian 1903

'Star' of 1904

Velodrome attendance example, a different view of the one Anthony Ward provided us with so much data upon.

Carmarthen Park Velodrome attendance example

Well over a hundred years later here is that same Carmarthen Park track & Grandstand photographed by Janet Isaac on a fine mid May afternoon 2004!, it is still well used by Carmarthen Quins Rugby Side plus Sports Persons & Cyclists, the latter nowadays must obtain Permits

JAP 1903

JAP 1903

De Dion's 2 wheeler 1899

Minerva 1903

Motosacoche 1903/4

Mansel Jones the Welsh Champion!

NSU 1902

A restored AJS Wearwell of 1902

Peugot 1904

Nantgaredig's First Motor car, but whose was it?

The huge Dijon Velodrome being used in 1947 to promote Terrot motorcycles.  A closer look thanks to Anthony Ward's knowledge & the Pacer adaptation structures can be seen protruding aftwards, these consisted of these structures on both sides with a roller suspended between the ends of them, note also the protrusions over riders's ears, these had openings facing aftwards so the cyclists could shout tactics to the Pacer!. (I had puzzled for ages what those distinct ear attachments really were, & like many others I suppose? I did not like to ask!)

  Herne Hill at South London Velodrome still exists & intentions currently are to regenerate the track & place a cover/roof over the track, our thanks again to Anthony Ward for the info.

This web site is still very much 'under construction'. a huge amount to follow Including International Six Days Trials matter, (ISDT) relating to Llandrindod Wells & the Courses>